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Start earning money right now! Do not wait for your receivables.

Every developer of a successive app is familiar with this problem – your marketing costs increase rapidly but you cannot get your receivables from stores in time. And you watch your clients leave for competitors who actively advertise their products, while you have to wait for your money to be transferred.

Now we have a solution to this problem.

Sign up for the APPBOOST42 service and receive money for marketing in a couple of days.

How does it work?

We assess your performance and offer financing for your growth. You can start promoting your company now and return the money later.

You are pre-approved for

10 000 

1 month


25 000 

10 months in case of an annuity loan

Our products

Fast and easy

Connect your app to our service, and you will not have to wait for your receivables from stores. We offer payments every week

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Full speed ahead

Integrate our mobile analytics system and use predictive modelling to assess your earnings. You will be able to receive financing for several months ahead

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Development assistance

If you have not opened an account or registered a company, we can offer you the Publiting service, provide a unique IBAN for payments and open an account for your company with our banking partner

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Our benefits

Everything is clear and transparent You may be sure that you know everything about your commissions and you can track all payments and transfers. We conduct our operations ethically and adhere to the highest standards of integrity.
Consultations with experts Our powerful analytics system allows to calculate your future revenue for several months ahead, if you have accumulated enough data. APPBOOST42 helps you grow fast.
Secure transactions European financial regulation guarantees your security within the framework of the European law.
Quick decisions We make decisions on the amount of financing within one day and update the terms as you develop and grow.

Our customers reviews

Alexander Ivanov

If you are looking for a flexibility and support on all the way of cooperation, you can find no better solution for your company than partnership with GamesBoost42. Besides, results, are significant as in the first month we got 5% of extra revenues.

Bogdan Alexandrov

Even big developers sometimes need extra financing to grow their business and attract new loyal customers and we in Crazy Panda trust GamesBoost42 with it's expertise in IT as our financial partner.

About our company

We help indie developers, small businesses and major companies giving them the opportunity to focus on their products and their promotion and forget about any troubles with marketing payments. We know how hard it may be to get initial financing, that is why we decided to provide this service.


What is My.Tracker and why should I install it in order to get the money?
My.Tracker is third-party analytics software which our company uses to determine how well your app performs and what parameters define its performance. By tracking your ROI and other variables we can offer you more efficient long term funding. Moreover, the use of third-party software guarantees that we cannot manipulate your data to take advantage of you.
What are the terms for receiving the money?
We offer flexible interest rates starting with 2 % per month.
How often can I get the funding?
Every two weeks. As your receivables grow, your financial capacities also improve and you can fine-tune your schedule to optimize your operations and fuel growth.
How soon can I get the money?
Once you have opened an account at our partner bank CardPay, you will get the money within two hours after submitting your request (in case it is a business day).
Will I be able to fully control my money?
You have full control over the funds you receive and may invest them as you deem necessary.

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